Group members



Dr. Zohar Yakhini
Room: Taub 524
Tel: +972 4 829 4937

Room: Arazi C121
Tel: +972 9 952 7941

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Shay Ben-Elazar, PhD Student, TAU (joint with Prof. Benny Chor)

During my PhD I am focused on understanding how to utilize Chromosome Conformation Capture techniques (3C and derivatives, such as Hi-C) to enable the 3-dimensional exploration of genomes. I believe that in the light of the structural mechanics involved in gene regulation we can gain new insights into its patterns.

Also completed his MSc in 2013 – Analysis of HiC data; Joint with Dr Itai Yanai. Thesis.

Leon Anavy, PhD Student, Technion

I am a PhD student at the Computer Science Department at the Technion. I received my B.Sc. degrees in industrial engineering  and information systems management, and my M.Sc. degree in biology from the Technion, in 2012 and 2015, respectively. I joined the computer science department for my PhD studies in 2015. My research interests include information and coding theory applications to synthetic biology. Specifically, I work on coding aspects of DNA based digital information storage systems.

Alona Levy-Jurgenson, PhD Student, Technion

My PhD is focused on developing deep learning models to drive the analysis and interpretation of data derived from genomic measurements, pathology whole-slide images, clinical records and DNA sequences. Currently, my main goal is to combine data from several resources and molecular levels to provide better tumor profiling and identification of tumor sub-populations that may be resistant to drugs, especially in breast and ovarian cancer.

Ben Galili, PhD Student, Technion

Starting my research work in ML and Bioinformatics.






defaultMSharon Sultan, Msc Student, IDC

sultansha (at)

Analysis of gene co-expression and differential co-expression. Statistical methods for assessing higher dimensional correlations and applications to transcriptomics data.

Yoav Orlev, MSc Student, IDC

Building a software tool to perform oligo library design analysis and doing research on applying GANs in the context of synthetic DNA design. I am also working on applying DL to single cell RNA seq data.


 Ido Amit , MSc Student, IDC

My research focuses on application of deep learning models in genomics. Currently, I work on identifying pathogenic bacteria from sequence data and developing CRISPR Cas9 analysis tool.

Alon Oring , MSc Student, IDC. Joint with Prof. Yaakov Hel-Or.

Researching theoretical aspects of neural networks for improved data interpolation.

defaultMGal Novich , MSc Student, Technion. In  Prof. Roy Kishony’s Lab.

Research topic

 YoniYoni Peleg, Bsc Project Student, TAU (Joint with Dr. Alexander Golberg)

Quantifying sugar content of substances from minimal near infrared (NIR) spectra using sparse solutions to underdetermined linear systems

Idan David, Bsc Project Student, IDC.

My research focuses on developing a statistical method to detect port scanning in corporate networks, a possible sign of a network compromise. The research is in collaboration with Palo Alto Networks.

Gon Chalamish, Bsc Project Student, IDC.

Researching the training of deep generative adversarial networks on genetic sequence data.

Former Group Members:

  1. Dr. Oz Solomon, Postdoctoral fellow, Technion and IDC, 2015-2018 – Bacterial gene expression regulation using bacterial genomics analysis and RNA structural analysis. Currently at Ayala Pharma.
  2. Ayala Polikovsky, Research Assistant, IDC, 2017-2018 – miRNA normalization. Currently an MSc student at TAU.
  3. Edward Vitkin, PhD 2018 – Metabolic modeling and its applications for Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology. Thesis. Currently at IBM Haifa.
  4. Dalia Alperovich, Msc 2017 – Efficient Search for Optimally Enriched Combination of Ranked Lists. Thesis. Currently at Microsoft.
  5. Israel Steinfeld, PhD 2013 – Assay design and data analysis in studies combining multiple high throughput measurement technologies. Thesis. Currently at Agilent Laboratories.
  6. Limor Leibovich, PhD 2013 – Statistical enrichment in ranked lists. Thesis. Currently at Google.
  7. Yaara David, MSc 2011- Analysis of time of replication data; Joint with Prof Yonina Eldar, Technion. Thesis. Currently at BrightWay Vision.
  8. Roy Navon, MSc 2010 – Rank based statistics in analyzing high-throughput genomic data; Joint with Prof Benny Chor, TAU. Thesis. Currently at MeMed Diagnostics.
  9. Eran Eden, MSc 2007. Discovering Motifs in Ranked Lists of DNA Sequences. Thesis. Currently at MeMed Diagnostics.
  10. Doron Lipson, PhD 2007 – Computational Aspects of DNA Copy Number Measurement. Thesis. Currently at Foundation Medicine.
    also completed his MSc studies at 2002 – Optimization Problems in Design of Olinucleotides for Hybridization-based Methods; Joint with Prof Uri Sivan. Thesis.
  11. Chaya Ben-Zaken Zilberstein, PhD 2006 – Spotting Regulatory Elements by Micro-Arrays. Thesis.
  12. Ari Frank, MSc 2002 – Feature selection in gene expression data; Joint with Prof Dan Geiger, Technion. Currently at Facense.
  13. Doron Lipson,  Currently at Foundation Medicine.