Publications and Software

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Selected publications

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    RECOMB Test of Time Award 2012
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    Conference version: WABI 2013
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    PLoS Genetics 2015
  • Vitkin E, Golberg A, Yakhini Z,
    BioLEGO—a web-based application for biorefinery design and evaluation of serial biomass fermentation,
    doi: 10.1142/S2339547815400038
    Technology 2015
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    Nucleic Acids Research 2015
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    Systematic Investigation of Transcription Factor Activity in the Context of Chromatin Using Massively Parallel Binding and Expression Assays
    doi: 10.1016/j.molcel.2017.01.007
    Molecular Cell 2017


  • GOrilla – a tool for identifying and visualizing enriched GO terms in ranked lists of genes. Developed by Roy Navon, Eran Eden, Israel Steinfeld and Doron Lipson.
  • BioLego – a system for high-scale simulations of biomass fermentation in serial two organism processes. Includes the source code with installation instructions and all biological and validation results. Developed by Edward Vitkin in collaboration with Dr. Alex Golberg lab, TAU
  • MonoClad– find meaningful partitions using semi-supervised class discovery. Developed by Israel Steinfeld and Roy Navon.
  • DRIM – a tool for discovering motifs in a list of ranked DNA sequences. Developed by Eran Eden.
  • HaarSeg– a segmentation algorithm for tiling microarrays. Developed by Erez Ben-Yaacov.
  • UnMeRFi– Under-Methylated Region Finder. Developed by Israel Steinfeld.
  • Stepgram – application for aberration calling in aCGH data Developed by Doron Lipson.
  • ATRHunter– find approximate tandem repeats in a genomic sequence. Developed by Ydo Wexler.
  • GeneSelector – find a small subset of genes for classification of expression data. Developed by Ari Frank.
  • ProbeSpec – for mapping the specificity of all candidate probes for a given sequence. Developed by Doron Lipson.
  • SimTree – online tool for computing the similarity between RNA secondary structures. Developed by Eran Eden and Izhar Wallach.